At GrapeCity, Inc., we are committed to respecting and retaining the privacy of our online customers. For this reason, we give our customers access to visit and use almost every page within the GrapeCity Web portal without providing any personal information.

In the few instances where we do request personal information, such as when contacting GrapeCity through our online inquiry form or when purchasing a product, our privacy policy guarantees that we will never provide your personal information to any third party, nor will we use it as a basis for unsolicited emails. Any personal information which you choose to provide, such as your first and last name, physical address, email address, and phone number, will be used only within GrapeCity, Inc. and our affiliated companies.

When you choose to provide us with personal information, we are able to ensure that you receive the most effective and appropriate support for your products and inquiries.

GrapeCity also collects non-personal information, information that cannot be used to uniquely identify a user, including browser details, session duration, and page referrals. By analyzing these non-personal statistics, we are able to identify and research trends across our products, services, and Web pages.

These strict policies and the security measures we employ to enforce them reflect not only the importance we place in your privacy, but also our commitment to protecting it.

Please send any questions concerning our privacy policy to